Why Everyone Needs A Cheeky Bikini Bottom

Posted on 14 June 2016

       Make your booty look more flattering with just one easy fix. Get yourself a cheeky bottom, Ala Delta style or Brazilian style. These styles are flying off the shelves like never before in America. Even the Huffington Post agrees in their article, “Why The Itsy Bitsy Bikini Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon.” This is clearly not just becoming a trend that will fade next summer- this bikini bottom style is forever staying around and this is why.
It works for all body types- whether you have a small, large, or nonexistent butt- this cut compliments every booty.
Here are some pictures to prove that this is a fact.
                                                                                         Click picture for link to our Kiss Kiss Bottom


Full Coverage Bottom: (Image to the left) This type of bottom tends to flatten your behind, and does not enhance the natural curves that a butt has. It also usually bags up right between your cheeks and can make it look as though you have given yourself a wedgie - not so cute!!
Minimal to Moderate Coverage Bottom: (Image to the right: Kiss Kiss Bottom) This type of bottom usually hugs your butt cheeks just right, lifting them and keeping your booty firm and tight with every step you take. It is not only much more supportive than a full coverage bottom, but it accentuates the curves of your cheeks and the roundness of every bum with a heart-shaped cut and ruche down the center.

       Once you try on just one cheeky bikini bottom, you will never want to go back to your full coverage bottoms. If you are not feeling confident enough to try cheeky bottoms, at least try some moderate coverage bottoms to show off a little bit more cheek - it makes such a difference! Moderate coverage bottoms are defined to be in between full coverage and minimal coverage. American swimwear traditionally only use to feature full coverage, however now Ala delta and Brazilian styles are selling much more than full coverage bottoms. So now it is most definitely time for you to make this summer bootyfull :)

 Xx Poema Swim

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